Defence of Reports on Scientific work

May 28/29, first-year master’s students earning their degree in Physics Methods and Information Technologies in Biomedicine presented reports on their research. Research topics: Dmitry Avramenko «Modeling of internal structure of the inner ear based on high-resolution Read more

Predefense of Master’s Thesis

Dear students (group 536 МB)! Predefense of Master’s Thesis will take place 21.05.2019 (Tuesday) at 15.00 (Tomsk time) using webinar technology. Event venue: room 230, building 2. The main working language of the event: English Read more


UNIVERSITY OPEN DAY for prospective students interested in interdisciplinary research, physics, biology, medicine, and computer science Programme: Lecture In the Language of Biomedicine by Professor Ya. S. Pekker. What I know about the study programme Read more