Defence of Reports on Scientific work

May 28/29, first-year master’s students earning their degree in Physics Methods and Information Technologies in Biomedicine presented reports on their research. Research topics: Dmitry Avramenko «Modeling of internal structure of the inner ear based on high-resolution Read more

Predefense of Master’s Thesis

Dear students (group 536 МB)! Predefense of Master’s Thesis will take place 21.05.2019 (Tuesday) at 15.00 (Tomsk time) using webinar technology. Event venue: room 230, building 2. The main working language of the event: English Read more


UNIVERSITY OPEN DAY for prospective students interested in interdisciplinary research, physics, biology, medicine, and computer science Programme: Lecture In the Language of Biomedicine by Professor Ya. S. Pekker. What I know about the study programme Read more

Starting the second term

Dear students!   The second term starting february 11! The new schedule of classes has appeared (for students of first year).   The master ’s students of the second year, please continue performing your research Read more