TSU Masters’ Research Solve Problems in Applied Medicine

21 June 2019 TSU and Maastricht University (The Netherlands) saw the defence of Master’s Theses within the joint programme. The masters’ studies concerned topical medical issues such as hemocoagulation processes and development of a method of operative diagnosis of hemostasis, functional reserve of human anticoagulant system, evaluation of the anatomical structure of the vestibular system by MRI.

The Faculty of Physics has been carrying out the Master’s Programme in medicine in partnership with Maastricht University since 2015. The programme implies internship in Maastricht University where students join research groups and do their own research under supervision of world-class specialists. This year four Master’s Students successfully defended their theses. All of them were awarded excellent grades.

Viktor Babikov had an internship in an Ultra-High-Field MRI centre in Maastricht University. The internship allowed him to study the anatomical structure of the inner ear with 3 Tesla MRI. Research results are a good starting point for further studies in postgraduate programme.

The programme is attractive owing to its interdisciplinary nature, which manifests itself at the interface of different subject areas and allows understanding the course of physical processes and laws in their relation with biological systems. Complexity of phenomena is a driving force for Master’s students, which makes them to take up serious research and apply them in medicine, highlights Vladimir Demkin, Director of the Programme.

I would like to emphasise that the study programme is oriented to applied medicine, says Tatyana Rudenko, Programme Coordinator. Obtained results are crucial to healthcare system since they solve real medical tasks. Master’s students demonstrate a serious scientific approach, skills at modern techniques and strive to continue their research in Russian and European laboratories.

We would like to add that applications are open for 2019 intake. Find out more http://biomed.tsu.ru/en/ or https://vk.com/tsu_biomed or contact Programme Coordinator Tatyana Rudenko rudenko@ido.tsu.ru; tel: +7 (3822)529-552.

Maastricht University specialises in medicine and is ranked one of the World’s Top-100 Universities (QS Rankings). The Cooperation Agreement between the universities was signed in December 2012. In May 2013 the Agreement on specification of the joint activity was signed. In 2014, The Laboratory for Modelling of Physical Processes in Biology and Medicine was opened and headed by Professor Herman Kingma. In 2017 TSU together with Siberian State Medical University under the auspice of Maastricht University launched a new Master’s Programme – Innovations and Society: Science, Technology, Medicine, which has no analogues in Russia today.