The International Research Laboratory for Modelling of Physical Processes in Biology and Medicine benefits from the MRI-complex of the Maastricht Brain Imaging Centre (Maastricht University), diagnostic equipment of Siberian State Medical University and The E.D. Goldberg Research Institute of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine. It also offers research facilities of the supercomputer at National Research Tomsk State University to conduct numerical experiments and process large volumes of medical data.

The Supercomputer with high computational capacity is an integrated complex of engineering, information and telecommunication systems that provides high-performance processing, storage and transmission of data required for solving the tasks in expert assessment, control and monitoring, situation development forecast, operations management and decision-making. 

The TSU Supercomputer consists of The Data Centre (TSU) and Supercomputing cluster SKIF-Cyberia


The Data Centre is a unique software-hardware complex using 250 high-performance servers, data storage system with the capacity equal to 150 trillion bytes, and licensed software providing network access. The Data Centre is designed for establishing economically efficient and high-performance IT-infrastructure to enable data storage and processing. It is also used to present required information and apply it to monitoring and prediction of natural and anthropogenic processes, emergency situations, management decision-making, human health diagnostics, medical imaging, and telemedicine. The Data Centre is the biggest university centre in the Asian part of Russia. Its data storage capacity is 500 Tb. The design relies on modern high-performance equipment with ultra-dense form factor, fault-tolerant distributed system, and high-speed electronic data storage that supports virtualisation technology. High capacity of data storage system, network software, over 250 servers, automatic system of control and protection, and fast processing of big data significantly improve the research efficiency. Information and computing resources of The Data Centre are used to create virtual compute clusters and computer classrooms. 

Supercomputing cluster SKIF-Cyberia provides scientific and educational university departments, external users and partners with high-performance computing resources. The Supercomputer allows them to conduct research applying high-performance technologies in solving scientific and technical tasks. It also enables mathematical modelling and knowledge-intensive numerical experiments, ecology monitoring, forecasting, and studies in pharmacology, biomedicine, and telemedicine.