Defence of Reports on Scientific work

May 28/29, first-year master’s students earning their degree in Physics Methods and Information Technologies in Biomedicine presented reports on their research.

Research topics:

Dmitry Avramenko «Modeling of internal structure of the inner ear based on high-resolution imaging techniques»

Mariya Akinina «Functional-technical equivalent circuits of vestibular system»

Almagul Suyundukova «The modeling of control systems bioengineering systems for medical purposes»

Nataliya Kireeva «Mathematical modeling of hemodynamics in the coronary vessels of the heart»

Tatiana Goncharova «Software application for the selection of nutritional solutions in veterinary medicine»

The relevance of the research topics is dictated by time and speaks about the importance of research and its practical value.

Each student performs research at the interface of medicine and physics with the involvement of the resources of research laboratories of partner organizations.

Good luck with your research!