Scientific battles

During the visit of the delegation from the University of Maastricht a number of meetings was devoted to the discussion of the scientific plans of the laboratory “Modeling of physical processes in biology and medicine”.

In 2017, the scientific team of the laboratory won a grant from the RNF on the topic “Development of a method for optimizing the transfer function of a multichannel vestibular human implant.” The head of the laboratory, Hermanus Kingma, together with the main executors of the project – Demkin V.P., Svetlik M.V. And Udut E.V. – discussed key issues of scientific research implementation within the grant application.

A roadmap for grant implementation has been prepared.

It was noted the importance of attracting young professionals – students and graduate students – to the implementation of this kind of scientific projects.

Recall that in the past decade, the scientific team of the Netherlands and Switzerland under the leadership of H. Kingma, together with the Austrian company MEDEL, developed a unique prototype of the vestibular implant that allows restoring the lost vestibular function by electrical stimulation of the neural tissue, similar to how a cochlear implant restores lost hearing. Modern research by the Dutch-Swiss team, together with scientists from TSU and the University of John Hopkins (USA), is aimed at finalizing the implant for the subsequent widespread use of the implant in a clinical setting along with a cochlear implant. According to the researchers, this will be possible within the next 4 years.