Working visit

In the beginning of February TSU hosted the visiting delegation from Maastricht University (the Netherlands).

Prof. Herman Kingma, Head of the Laboratory for Modeling of Physical Processes in Biology and Medicine, and Raymond van de Berg, leading ENT-surgeon of the Maastricht University Medical Center (MUMC) and TSU PhD student, visited TSU to analyse the achievements of the Laboratory made in 2015 and to discuss the working plan for 2016 with the Laboratory team.

The principal tasks of the Laboratory are as follows:

  • broadening of research areas concerning vestibular implant improvement;
  • development of mathematical methods for analysing biological signals;
  • development of plasma medicine.

According to the tasks, the postgraduate research proposals were also reconsidered. Postgraduate students, Raymond van de Berg and Maksim Pleshkov, supervised by Prof. V.P. Demkin made some corrections to their proposals according to the Laboratory results in 2015 and Maastricht University achievements in the field of biomedicine. Co-supervisor of both students on the part of Maastricht University is Prof. Herman Kingma.

The discussion of the Laboratory tasks was focused on the Master’s Programme launched at TSU in 2015 and realised in collaboration with Maastricht University (UM) and Siberian State Medical University (SSMU). The programme is taught in English.

Furthermore, there was a productive meeting of the laboratory team with first year master’s students. The progress of the first term was on the agenda. Master’s students Valeriia Gulaia, Valeriia Vikhareva, Dmitrii Starkov, Abraham van Steen (the Netherlands) and Dmitrii Boronin presented their individual study plans and Master’s Thesis topics. Two co-supervisors from both Tomsk and Maastricht were appointed for each student, since their second academic year takes place in Maastricht University. Master’s students’ research topics are closely related with the laboratory research interests.

Herman Kingma met the lecturers – employees of TSU Faculty of Physics and employees of SSMU Faculties of Medicine and Biology and General Medicine – who started delivering lessons in the second term. The main part of curriculum consists of medical courses taught by SSMU professors and associated professors. Herman Kingma highlighted a high level of expertise and English proficiency in lecturers.

The summary of the visit was made at the final meeting of the visit where TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinskiy mentioned the important role of the Laboratory research in the development of TSU scientific activity in the field of biomedicine.