Scientific Seminar “Research and development in biomedicine”


Program of

Scientific Seminar

Research and development in biomedicine 

March 20, 2015

Short block ‘Education in Maastricht’

Hans Savelberg

Problem Based Learning, the revision of the bachelor programme of BioMedical Sciences (BMS)

Wilfred Germeraad

The content of the BioMedical Sciences (BMS) master program




Title of report
Herman Kingma Physics and physiology of vestibular system


Irina А. Kurzina 


The experiences in international cooperation for biomedical innovations development


Boris Kingma How physiology shapes the comfortable thermal environment


Joost Lumens 1.Overview of the research done in the CARIM (UM School for Cardiovascular Diseases) with special focus on the translational biophysical research

2.”Patient-specific biophysical modelling of dyssynchronous heart failure and its treatment”.


Konstantin S. Brazovsky Presentation of the “Computing in Biomedicine for teaching and research” course.
Kenneth Meijer Neuromechanics of Human Movement
Wilfred Germeraad 1.The research within GROW (Research School for Oncology and Development biology)

2.Development of immunotherapy for cancer (example of oncology/immunology research at the UM

Hans Savelberg 1.Presentation of NUTRIM (School of Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism)

2.Movement performance is directed by bi-articular muscles, application to chronic diseases, elderly and sports performance

3.Assessive sitting time as an independent determinant of health risk

Marina Khodanovich Biomedical studies in laboratory of neurobiology: MRI biomarkers of myelinand the study of neurogenesis on the animal models of demyelination and brain ischemia

March 21, 2015



Title of report
Vladimir V. Udut Concept of fibrinogenez permanence
Ralf Peeters 1. Three signal processing techniques used at DKE: wavelet analysis, singular spectral decomposition, recurrence plot analysis – and their applications in biomedical domain

2. Short presentation on “New Maastricht Centre for Systems Biology at the UM

Raymond van de Berg Тhe Vestibular implant project
Irina Bichkova Vestibular disorders in neurologist practice
Ivan Tolmachev Presentation of the laboratory work “Assessment of vestibular function”
Joost Lumens Short practice-based workshop on CircAdapt model of the human heart and circulation for interactive learning of cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology (it is used in the UM Medicine Bachelor programme).
Maksim Pleshkov Thresholds of motion detection
Tatiana Banokina Transfer function of the Vestibular implant
Svetlana Myrzina Dynamic visual acuity as a function of the vestibule ocular reflex.
Kira Akimova, Mariya Shcheglova (dual report) Cognitive decline associated with coronary heart disease (aspect of angina pectoris and myocardial infarction).