Predefense of

Master’s Thesis

Reference Letter[1] Review[2] Access to the Master’s Thesis Defense

by Director of BEP

Master’s Thesis Master’s Thesis Defense


send till 18.06.2018 send till 18.06.2018 till 19.06.2018 till 11.06.2018

send the final version (with the signatures of students and research supervisor(s))

for print



[1] Reference Letter (by format) is prepared and signed research supervisor(s) (from Maastricht University and Tomsk State University).


[2] Review (by format) is prepared and signed reviewer(s). Important! Reviewer(s) are not faculty members at TSU .


The students must be sent text of Master’s Thesis (the final version) to reviewers and research supervisor(s)  twelve days prior to the date of defence –no later June 11