Required documents

Applicants shall submit the following documents to the Board of Admissions:

  • application providing a subject area and name of the programme;
  • documents serving as proof of identity and citizenship;
  • original of a document certifying the level of higher education completed and recognised as a Bachelor’s diploma, Specialist’s diploma or Master’s diploma in the Russian Federation and relevant diploma supplement. Applicants who have completed their degree by the application period but whose diplomas have not been issued may submit a Letter of Completion certified by a university seal;
  • officially certified Russian translation of an international document certifying the level of education and (or) qualification and supplement to it;
  • 4 photographs (3×4 cm).

An applicant shall submit the following documents (for the interview):

  • letter of motivation (an explanation of applicant’s motivation for engaging in the programme and their expectations);
  • CurriculumVitae.

A copy of document of higher education and its supplement as well as Russian translations of the documents shall be officially certified by Notary.

An authorised representative may submit the documents if they provide original passport or ID card and officially certified power of attorney issued by the applicant.

An applicant may submit the information about the need to establish special conditions of the entrance examination due to their disability (specifying the conditions).

An applicant must inform the Board of Admissions about their intent to sit the examination using videoconferencing technologies and the place of examination.

To be enrolled in the master’s programme, applicants who have successfully completed the admissions procedure shall submit the enrollment agreement attaching:

  • the original of a document certifying the level of higher education completed and recognised as a Bachelor’s diploma;
  • the original document of higher education and relevant supplement or officially certified copy of the documents when applying for fee-paying (contract) places.

The application shall be certified by the applicant’s signature and submitted at TSU by 6 p.m.  local time August, 17 (applicants for state-funded places) or August, 19 (applicants for fee-paying (contract) places).