Visit of Maastricht Delegation

November 19-22, the delegation from Maastricht University (the Netherlands) visited Tomsk State University. Under the supervision of the head of the TSU Laboratory for Modelling Physical Processes in biology and Medicine professor Herman Kingma, the delegation discussed key problems associated with the development of the laboratory. Joint projects, conferences, open lectures and publication of research results were on the agenda as well as new goals and performance that must be reached in 2016.

Within the visit there were held meetings of students with the managers of the programme from Maastricht University. Discussions were devoted to the organisation of classes, quality assessment of knowledge and competences acquired during the programme, planning and realisation of master’s research work. One of the important issues was the advertising campaign of the programme “Physics Methods and Information Technologies in Biomedicine”.
Students of Tomsk universities had a chance to attend the lecture on the Dutch system of education and presentation of the joint programme. Students were interested in questions related to learning process and accommodation in Maastricht.

The system of education allows students to get new research prospects and to enhance their language and communicative competences required for successful professional development.